Fall 2016 Activities                                                                                                       

 1) FALL Therapeutic RidingClasses begin September 12th. Enroll NOW

2) Mississippi Special Olympics Equestrian Event   October 21-22, 2016 at the Forrest Co. Multipurpose Center. Beginning on September 12th, we will be assisting in  equipping volunteers and training athletes for this event.  If interested in participating as an athlete or volunteer, CONTACT US TODAY!       

3) Healing Horses Program the heart of the session is to provide a therapeutic atmosphere along with a safe place for those who may be emotionally hurting. The goal for these sessions is to pair horses with individuals and/or families where they can experience hope, healing and encouragement.                                      

Session Components for the Healing Horses Program:                                                                                                                               1.Chores and Community Service Projects- teaching them the value of giving back through the work of their hands and empowering them in knowing that they can make a positive difference!                                                                                                                                      22. Working with Horses majority of the youth come to Purposeful Refuge because they are drawn to the horses. Participants learn to safely handle, groom, tack, basic horsemanship & basic care including vet, farrier and dental during their sessions. Again, each session depends on the needs of the child and horse on any given day.                                                3. Craft for those who are slow to warm up or would prefer a craft, Purposeful Refuge has assembled some fun craft options for the youth and leader to use. One favorite craft acitivty is HORSE PAINTING...the horse serves as a large canvas.                                          4. Woodwork & gardening some of our leaders are skilled in these two areas and its a fun and rewarding therapeutic activity many of the youth enjoy.                                                       5. Play  Often, the most valuable time in a child or youth's life is to allow kids to be kids by playing. Many who come choose to spend their entire session fully engaged in playing games, casual yard sports and visiting with our small farm animal.